Market Insight Newsletter of Major IC from Quiksol-- November 2022

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In November, TI still have strong demand in industrial, automotive and medical, but real urgent shortage materials are getting lesser, many factories have safe stock in this year, they are looking at PPV now. Factory has PPV demand, but TI leadtime is not good enough now, many suppliers are still holding back on quoting PPV, TI incoming inventory will consider big customer in advance, LT is unstable yet. For us, PPV demand will be a big challenge. For spot market, automotive chips still is in strong shortage, and we predict the situation will protong to next year.


This demand of STM is still not very high this month. Many clients are still wait-and-see about the price, hoping to get a lower quotation. The demand is mainly concentrated in the STM32F series MCU, SPC and VN car gauge series. MOSFET also has some demand release; The gauge drive is still out of stock and the price of available products is still high. It is difficult to recover to the normal level in a short time. The price of MCU that is not out of stock has declined steadily. Our company has continuous demand for STM, especially for SPC series. Welcome to communicate with us if you have competitive pricing.  


Qualcomm demand is still very weak, the client continues to wait and see. CSR Bluetooth chip BC417143B-GIRN-E4 has more inquiries this month, but they are difficult to find. Netcom materials such as AR8031-AL1A have some spot release this month, but the price is still very high, the end customer still not able to bear the price difference, hence staying in a wait and see condition. Consumer products supply saturation, the current spot majority. This month's popular out-of-stock models AR8031-AL1B, BC417143B-GIQN-E4, etc., the price is still high and the current market has less stock to support.

CSR8811A12-ICXR-R, CSRA64215A11-IQQF-R, QCA9563-AL3A and other QUIKSOL stock, welcome to exchange.


NXP's automotive and industrial parts demand remained strong this month, while consumer demand was not evident. With the electric vehicle booming, NXP automotive business revenue growth rapidly, the third quarter growth of 24%, accounting for more than 50% of the total revenue. Automotive and industrial market demand continues to remain resilient, from the vehicle electronic and electrical structure, NXP related products mainly around the S32 series. Automotive I.MX series, S series and industrial MK series output is small, the material gap is still in short supply, delivery time is more than 52 weeks, S912xxx, S9Sxxx and SPC560xxxx automotive parts demand is still strong. The consumer electronics is in a slowing down cycle, and the factory's inventory returns are increasing. For example, TEA1755 has gradually decreased from $7 in August to about $3 now. Our company has long-term needs of NXP, if you have advantageous source, warm welcome to negotiate..


As we enter Broadcom's new fiscal year, demand in November is still worse than in October , and the peak period that originally belonged to the communications industry has not arrived . Despite many enquiries, there are less transactions . The demand side is still mainly concentrated on some low liquidity parts , and there are still more return to general materials , which are in a state of oversupply in the short term , which is not optimistic . Although the price of most part numbers tends to be regularized , the delivery time is still high and has not improved , and the PLX series delivery time is still more than 70 weeks . Because of the long delivery time , it also makes some of the original unpopular material numbers precious , the price is also increasing , the current shortage of more belongs to the industrial category and some automobiles , such as BCM53286MIPBG , BCM89832A0BWMLG , etc , so for the out-of-stock material number , it is recommended that customers buy first , otherwise after December , Broadcom will rise by 5%.



Into November market overall demand has slowed, the demand is not obvious, the original factory and agent supply obviously better, long material also have the opportunity to PULL IN success ~ product supply in October, car low power 16 bit MCU / R5F10A / Bxx series supply, R7F70 XX inventory is still longer, in the short term still cannot improve ~ vehicle power management ISL3XX / ISL8XX due to delivery and production capacity, there is still a shortage of timely clock rf products can keep attention, if there are advantageous price and inventory, welcome to communicate.


Realtek's demand has decreased in November. The demand for audio decoding decreased significantly this month, also the demand for Router and Switch plummeted this month. The models out of stock this month are RTL8211FS-CG, RTL8370MB-CG, ALC887-VD2-CG,RTL8197FH-VE4-CG,RTL8812RF-CG,RTL8197FS-VE5-CG,RTL8812BRH-CG,RTL8367S-CG etc. Customer's demand were mainly on assembling parts this month.

In addition, if you are in need of these, RTL8211FS-CG, RTL8304MB-CG, RTL8309M-CG, RTL8363NB-VB-CG, RTL8211EG-VB-CG, QUIKSOL has better spot-buy resources, welcome to exchange.


In November, the overall demand for Microchip was weak, and the part numbers in demand were also concentrated in the automotive electronics sector. However, due to the continuous arrival of goods in recent months and the decrease of production demand from customers, we obviously feel that the general material inventory is saturated, showing the market effect of oversupply. Recently, the customer is gradually looking for the PPV plan, but the official delivery date of the Microchip is still around 50 weeks at present, and I don't think Q4 is the best time to do PPV . It is expected to see whether there is a chance of easing the delivery date in Q2 in 2023. KSZ8999, KSZ8995, KSZ9031 are still in shortage this month. The price also continues to rise, asthe subsequent arrival situation is not ideal, but it is said that KSZ9031RNXIC will arrive in large quantities in December, when the price is expected to ease. Our company has a long-term demand for Microchip. if you have the advantages of  Microchip part  and market information , welcome to negotiate. thanks.


ADI's recent market situation is still not optimistic, the actual demand and trading volume are weak, general materials continue to arrive, the market goods cannot be shipped, and the price cannot rise. The AD8606ARZ, which once dropped sharply, once cost about $30, has now dropped to about $2, and the market price is constantly changing, and most customers are still on the sidelines. The delivery time is still long, the average delivery time is still more than 45 weeks, and the order price is even higher than the spot. LINEAR demand is relatively increasing, but the supply situation is still tight, such as LTC6906. At present, the demand for automotive materials has increased, and the speed and frequency of client orders have indeed decreased, and it is still necessary to pay more attention to the market and communicate more.


For Onsemi, the demand in October decreased significantly compared with last month, and it is mainly on Logic IC, MOSFET and CMOS sensor in this month. For example, Automotive IC of NCV NRV series and the MOSFET of NVM series are still very shortage, and the market price is very high, In addition, Fairchild's Low-voltage MOSFET is also shortage, it has lot of demands in the market. For logic IC, NC7SZ series is still hot, but the market price get down a little, and compared with TI and other brands, the market price is still high. NCP455XXX series is another hot item in recent months, the price has dropped significantly. Overall, Onsemi’s supply situation is still tight, but the supply of some products has eased slightly.



The market is relatively weak in the near future, but the market of Infineon's car MCU and SAK series shows positive forecast. With the application of consumer and industrial chips entering the slowdown period, the automotive industry is becoming the main field of chip capacity release. Recently, the overall supply of Infineon has increased. In terms of IGBT, the demand is strong. However, the original factory has less capacity in the near future, and the supply is tight. It is in the same distribution status as the high-voltage MOS. If you have superior parts in stock, you can contact us at any time. At the same time, we also have inventory supply, such as SPP11N80C3, IRF7341TRRPBF, BTS5045-2EKA. If you have demand, please contact our salesman.



On October 31, 2022, Vishay acquired SiC MOSFET maker Maxpower Semiconductor for $50 million. The acquisition adds SiC technology to Vishay's MOSFET product line, as Vishay develops SiC products too. Vishay’s Q3 revenue hits highest in 20 years at $925 million. Their backlog order has also began to stabilize with lead time for commercial tantalum capacitors at about 16 weeks for 293/593 series (global program), reduction for all polymers at about 20 to 24 weeks and commercial resistors at about 30 weeks. Due to the high order demand for TNPW 0402/0603, the lead time is still extended. At present, products for automobiles, medical care and new energy are in high demand. The production capacity for ordinary part numbers is in excess. Whereas shortage persists for SQ series MOSFETs and FET lead times are unstable at between 50 to 150 weeks. According to market, Vishay will increase FET prices in early 2023.



In November, there is still no sign of recovery in the consumer market. Both the agent and the market of MLCC have a lot of inventory stagnation. However, even though the stock price of some parts even lower the booking price, there has not been a lot of underselling. The market is still adjusting the price according to the stocking cost anchored by the cycle. Agents of Murata, TDK and TAIYO have also cut off part of the incoming orders and concentrated on disposing of the inventory. In terms of Automotive parts, customer demand is still strong. Many models that were out of stock last year (such as BLM series magnetic beads of Murata, GRM series capacitors, etc.) have been well alleviated this year's lead time, but there are still many parts with gaps. At present, KEMET has little advantage over similar competitors in terms of price, and the delivery time is long. In terms of selection, customers of aluminum electrolysis and tantalum electricity with high polymer are more inclined to choose Panasonic. They have certain advantages in terms of technology and market share. Vishay and TDK related schedules are still difficult as about 70% of the production capacity of vehicle specifications has been bought out by large carmakers. If you have any questions about capacitors, inductors, relays, connectors or industrial products, please contact us for quotes and the latest industry information.


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