Market Insight Newsletter of Major IC from Quiksol-- July 2022

Dear customers and vendors, welcome to the Market Insights-Newsletter from Quiksol that delivers timely and relevant market intelligence report to the electronics supply chain industry. We hope you find this issue of Market Insights valuable, and we welcome your feedback at


For TI common parts, the shortage status is becoming better and better, the current market is back to normal. The supply is exceeds demand in market, it is very tough. The price of most part is fell sharply, expect some very short and automotive parts. Such as TPS82085, the price is still very high, but UCC28950 price is dropt less to 2usd now, the price of TPS53515 also dropt to 3usd around. In July, the factory won’t want to buy spot very quickly, they choose to wait and see the market status and backlog. The whole market is cool in this month, and it is predicted will keep to end of this year. But unstable market also can take some business, we have stock for MAX3232EIPWR with very good price, if you have any demand, welcome to require.


The demand of STM this month is basically decreasing instead of increasing. Stm32f030c8t6 and STM32F103VCT6 are still popular models, but it is more or less the end of the inventory clearance. For these models with sufficient supply and reduced price, we can try to accept the customer's order first, and then grind the price slowly. A small part of Customers' spot demand is still can be seen, but most of them are very demanding on price, so it is also necessary to find suitable business opportunities. In terms of car models, the demand is still relatively strong, and the price is currently stable and slightly reduced. Customers can still purchase vnq7050ajtr and other models in large quantities, but the price requirements are within a reasonable range. If you have any models that need to be cleared and or any parts that need good prices, please contact us, so that we can have some opportunities.


This month Qualcomm’s demand is still very weak, customers in a wait-and-see state.  Network red router chip AR8033-AL1AAR8035-AL1B have part of the spot release, but the price is still high, end customers can’t accept it and continue to wait and see.  Consumer products are saturated and are now in the majority.  This month, the hot out-of-stock model AR8031-AL1B specification material price has been fried to more than 3500 yuan, and the spot is very few; QCA8337N-AL3B is in short supply but there is no spot support on the market at present.  It is recommended that customers of netcom base station continue to pay attention to AR8031/AR8035/AR8033 series. If you have relevant requirements, please prepare the goods in advance. Keep an eye on OEM factory inventory, and buy materials in shortage at reasonable prices


The overall demand for NXP has dropped more obviously this month, and the inquiry has also been less, due to the traditional off-season; There are more than goods arrive than ever, and the accepted price given by the factory is relatively low. Some OEMs are also starting to have goods to sell. Structural shortages of automotive and industrial continue. Like the S series and MK series at the beginning of the part of the material is still very shortage, I.MX 8 series is also more sought-after, these shortage parts, the price is still high. The LPC series has generally declined, and some of the more biased materials are still very high. Others are relatively stable, and prices are slowly falling. Some of the general-purpose materials of the TJA series have almost returned to their original price points. At present, for the relatively high level of hot item, everyone is more cautious about stocking, unlike before as long as there is a stock to buy in minutes. Keep an eye on the movements behind you.


In the past month, Broadcom's demand has remained weak. Weak demand and lot of goods incoming have caused many factories to sell their inventories, and prices had also  dropped again and again, and some are even close to normal lead time buy price. The  representative part numbers that have been reducing prices recently are PLX series,PEX8796,PEX8724,PEX8733,etc. BCM series mainly include BCM56960, BCM82381, BCM8727 and   soon. Although there are a lot of incoming goods, the delivery time has not improved on  50 weeks. Therefore, even if the demand is not good in the short term, there may be    some opportunities in the future. After all, not every customer will make stocking more    than 50 weeks in advance. However, for the recent factory dumping, those who want to stock up should still be cautious.



The Q1/Q2 have been ended, however the overall demand for July is relatively weak,there is structural shortage for demand and it has declined obviously for popular parts, most customers hold a wait-and-see attitude. On the other hand, the production capacity of renesas has been released step by step and we can see some parts' delivery time has been improved, for example, ISL59446IRZ-T7 has been arrived ahead of schedule unexpectedly. However, the overall delivery time has not been improved currently,  it remains at 52weeks lead time and most of the microtroller are under allocation, you can pay attention to it . At the last,welcome to contact us for renesas part such as ISL83491IBZ-T, 89HT0832PZCHLG, HIP4082IBZT etc, thank you.



Realtek's demand was decreased in July. The demand for audio decoding was decreased significantly this month, while the demand for Router and Switch, as well as sound and network card chips around computers was increased this month. The models out of stock this month are RTL8211FI-CG, RTL8197FH-VE5-CG, ALC886-GR,RTL8197FH-VE4-CG, RTL8197FH-VG4-CG,RTL8382L-VB-CG etc. Customer's demand were mainly on assembling parts this month.In addition, if you are in need of these, RTL8211FS-CG, RTL8304MB-CG, RTL8309M-CG, RTL8363NB-VB-CG, RTL8211EG-VB-CG, QUIKSOL has better spot-buy resources, welcome to exchange.


In July, the overall demand for microchip was weak, and a large number of series and parts in the Marketing Department arrived. There was also a sharp drop in prices, and it was evident that there was considerable excess in factories from June to July. For example, Atmega328P-AU once changed from 40.XUSD in April to 6. X-7usd at present, as well as KSZ9031RNXIC from more than 100 USD to the current 30-40USD. There are AT24 series and other EEPROM. At present has sufficient inventory. But factory demand is weakening. The main reason is that part of the Microchip by factory customers in 2021 has been slowly delivered, and a lot of capacity has been gradually restored. Such as consumer, industrial chip parts. But this month, the demand for automotive electronics is still strong, and it is still hard to find a microchip automotive MCU, because the delivery period of automotive electronics itself is longer. If you have Micorchip related auto MCU advantage inventory, please contact us. Our company has long - term demand for Microchip, welcome to negotiate.


Recently, the market price of ADI is generally declining. There are a large number of arrivals from agents and clients, resulting in the price of many materials directly falling to less than half of the peak period, such as LT1964ES5-BYP#TRPBF. The market price in April was about US$200, but this month it has been reduced to less than US$30. There is also AD5290YRMZ10-R7. The market price was about US$400 in March, and now it has been gradually reduced to US$50. In addition to these exceptions, the more common situation is, for example, OP2177ARMZ. Last week, it was reported that it was nearly US$10 because it could not get the goods. Next week, the terminal immediately released a batch of goods, and the market price was directly reduced to US$3. The current ADI market is more difficult than before. On the one hand, the speed and frequency of client orders are reduced, on the other hand, the rapidly changing market makes it difficult for ordinary people to control. Factory inventory will be a very important channel. We need to pay more attention to the market and communicate with peers, so as not to be abandoned by the market.


Overall,Onsemi’s supply situation is still tight, shortage demand is mainly concentrated on MOSFET, logic IC and power management IC. The delivery time of Mosfet is above 50 weeks,and the market price is still high,and the prices of FDN306 and FDD4141 have an upward trend. For the logic IC, the delivery time is 30-50 weeks, the market demand is large, and the spot price is generally high,the NC7SZXX series are still hot. In terms of power management IC, the most popular is NCP455xx series the power switch products, the price increase is more than 100 times, few spot goods in the market and delivery date is more than 70 weeks. Recently, we can pay attention to the NC7 series, which continues to be shortage. Some of them have a delivery time of 90 weeks, and the price is still high. Some price can increase even hundred times. Such as NC7WZ14P6X NC7WZ17P6X NC7SZ126M5X and so on, and this series has been used by wide customer and a large application field. However, due to the decline in the high-price acceptance of factory customers, the actual market situation is not good as imagine.



Demand: due to the recent large-scale cancellation of orders by consumer customers, the demand has a trend from prosperity to decline; However, the demand for automotive electronics is still strong, such as IPP65R110CFDA, SAL-TC299TP-128F300N B, SAK-TC233LP-32F2 and so on PN, but at same time, there is still a gap between the target purchase price and the selling price.

Supply: the backlog of the manufacture is still large, and it still takes a long time to alleviate. The situation is not optimistic.

Overall: with the recent reduction in demand, some MOS part have inventories, such as IRLML0060TRPBF, IRLML2246TRPBF, IRLML6344TRPBF and the overall price has fallen. For example, IPW65R041CFD has been out of stock since May and June, and has been in stock recently, but there are still high price of parts, but the market activity is currently the lowest this year.



The market is declining, and the demand for lattice is still there, but many part are dropping in price, such as LCMXO2-640HC-4TG100C. The market price has dropped to around 22u, and the supply is sufficient. Everyone seems to want to sold out the stock quickly. Some popular parts of factory inventory still have better prices. From the beginning of the year to the present, the price of LCMXO2-1200HC-4TG100C has been on a downward trend, from about 10u to 7u, the customer acceptance is also getting lower and lower, and the competition is crazy for low prices. Stock up and sell goods, depend on the market situation.



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