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Memory spot market update:

Overview: In the first half of this year, industrial chain of all walks of life and the demand of end consumers have gradually decreased due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Recently, the epidemic has been controlled and subsided, but it may take some time to return to normal from the production, transportation, or consumer. Although the epidemic has been controlled at present, but the memory industry is still in the off season of Q2. The demand for consumer, PC and mobile phones is very unsatisfactory and even server demand has been delayed. At present, the entire demand side is gradually shrinking, so it can be predicted that the inventory level of end customers is gradually rising, and the memory manufactures will inevitably be affected. The manufactures have planned to adjust the memory production line to reduce inventory, thus stabilizing the continuous decline in prices. Many people in the industry say that the memory industry has not suffered as much as it is for a long time.


DDR4:  Recently, the price of DDR4 has fallen to a low point, especially Samsung. The market price is seriously reversed, much lower than the official price so it seems that there is little room for decline. Especially in the middle and late period of last month, the deal price is much lower than the official price, which caused there is no one dare to buy for stock. The market price of SAMSUNG DDR4 8Gb fluctuated slightly after falling to about US$3.30. DDR4 4Gb declined to US$1.60 in May and at the beginning of this month, the price rose a little, and the current quotation is about US$1.70. Recently, the demand is relatively hot and there are many inquiries, however the customer still wants to buy at a low price about U$1.55. The price of SK Hynix DDR4 8Gb has also started to drop this month. The price of 1Gb*8 is relatively low, and the market price is lower than US$3.30. For Micron, the price of DDR4 1Gb*8 DC 20+ is US$3.35, and the price from the distributor is still above $3.50 for the new DC. The upstream channel is under great pressure of huge inventory and keeps lowering the price of quoting, but the target price from customer is always low, and there is almost no room for negotiation. Some models have no more room for a lower price. It is recommended that some inventory should be properly prepared if there is demand in the future to prevent low-level reversals.


DDR3: The price of DDR3 has dropped a lot before, so price decline tends to fall slowly. DDR3 demand is weak and a few RFQ. Although there are some demands for DDR3 4Gb, the target price of customer is generally low. Since the market price itself is much lower than the official price, it is difficult to negotiate a price lower than the market price. SAMSUNG and HYNIX prices are not much different, DDR3 4Gb market price is around US$2.10 and DDR3 2Gb is around US$1.95. The market price of SAMSUNG DDR3 4Gb BCNB is around US$2.15, which is the lowest among all models. HYNIX DDR3 4Gb market price is around US$2.25. For Nanya, market price is still slowing down as SANSUMG and may keep slowly decline in the coming months. For Micron, the market price for DDR3 4Gb is around $2.71, DDR3 2Gb is around $1.92. Customer target price is generally low, many inquiries but less orders.


Nand Flash:  In terms of Cypress and Kioxia, the market supply of Nand Flash is very sufficient, customer demand is obviously weaker than before, and price is also falling recently, which is not expected to improve soon. For Macronix, the demand is weak, and price is decline. For Micron, same situation as Macronix.

Nor Flash: For Cypress, Nor Flash is still facing severe shortage and only a few of models have incoming stock. Demand exceeds supply, and the spot price on the market is very high, which is unacceptable for customers. In addition, due to the impact of the epidemic on the industrial chain, some end sides would not buy at high prices for production as before. In terms of Winbond and Macronix, supply is sufficient, and price is going down. Although there are some inquiries, but the target price of the end customers is very low, most of them are still in a wait-and-see situation and will not easily place an order. For Micron, the market for Nor Flash still hot. Demand is still strong, due to the packaging of Nor Flash is in Shanghai, which has just experienced the impact of city lockdown, some models were once priced sky-high. Recently the price of Nor Flash has been declined, the arrival situation of some models has eased, but it is still at a high price level. Many customers are hoping for the relief after the massive resumption of work in Shanghai. MT25QU128ABA1ESE-0SIT, MT25QL128ABA1ESE-0SIT, welcome stock vendor to contact us.

EMMC: The price decline of EMMC is relatively small, but the demand for embedded memory is weak due to the continued low demand for mobile phones and consumer side.The market price of SAMSUNG EMMC 4Gb is around US$1.90, US$2.30 for 8Gb, US$3.30 for 16GB and US$4.80 for 32GB which is much lower than the official price. For Kioxia, lack of demand led to the price continuing going down. For Micron, EMMC has been supplied normally, but the price is still at a high level, for example, the market price of 4GB is about $6.50, much higher than the normal price before. EMMC has always been a relatively stable memory product with limited price declines and can maintain normal and safe stock flows.


Memory Module: The price of module tends to stable, because it has dropped to historical lows and no more room for further decline. Since the beginning of this year, DDR5 demand has slowly emerged, but DDR5 supply has been limited, even as other memory products price have been falling, DDR5 price remain high, which is much higher than DDR4. But during this month, factory supply increased and appeared to be stabilizing, so prices fell considerably this month. It is said that the price of DDR5 is expected to approach that of DDR4 soon. Some channels have already cleared the inventory at a low price, and because the market price is much lower than the official price, the channel is not willing to order from the manufacture. The demand for server module is very low recently, the price has fallen a lot, the customer's demand weak and target price is low. The inventory moving on slowly, we still need to pay more attention to whether the demand side is improving.


SSD: There is not much demand for SSD recently. The price and target price of consumer SSD has continued to fall. Due to the recent rise in exchange rates, it has also lowered the customer demand, which has made customers' target price lower than before. At present, low-capacity SSD have fallen to a low point, and market price is much lower than official price. For 2TB, the price is relatively stable for the limited stock supply. Price for server and enterprise SSD is stable, there are limited supply from the distributors and spot market. The demand for low-capacity SSD is weak and tends to turn to the high-capacity SSD (over 3.84TB). Due to the improve requirements for computing storage in data centers, it is believed that in the future SSD will turn to high-capacity parts.













Average market price details are listed in the following table.

Pls take as a reference of below 4 tables

Table1-Dram Spot Price


Table1-Dram spot price


Table2-NAND Flash spot price


Table3-Memory module spot price

Table4-SSD spot price



In the end of the second quarter, the overall demand for Intel this month is very weak. No matter for the popular parts or the shortage parts, the demand has declined significantly. The continuous high price can no longer be accepted by customers, and most customers hola a wait-and-see attitude. As a result, suppliers who has a large inventory had to sell some goods at low prices. At the beginning of April, most of the parts still in hot delivery, but after two months later, the commodity market comes in cold winter, we hope the cold winter will pass soon and the spring will come.   

IOTG: At present, the most popular and most shortage products in Intel are the IOTG series products, including embedded CPU, Lan Chip, and Ethernet Controller. The lead time from Intel is longer and longer, hard to see any delivery from Intel, only can wait for the incoming stocks. The official price has been raised up 15% in May, mainly for the lan chips. I210series still be the hot parts, but the market price is obviously dropped, due to the poor demand and suppliers who have many stocks are willing to clear the stocks. For the item I210AT, recently we can see some demands, but the target price is nearly US$30.0, this target price is lower than the market price, the price of full original sealed parts is US$38.0 around; For the item I211AT, the price dropped a lot, there seems no demand recently that leads to the price going down a lot; For the item I210IS, the price is keep stable at around US$80.0, but the stocks is not too much, if you have demand please talk with us to try some business. The price of I350AM4 is also dropped a lot, from US$400+ to US$200 around, but this price is still kept high level. Also because of the huge shortage of this parts and the high price, some big customers have changed the MPNs. For the item FTXL710, recently can see some stocks comes out, and the demand is very weak, so the price dropped a lot. One month ago, the price is US$550+, but now, it dropped to US$400 around. For Chipset series, like Q170, QM170, are still out of stock, FD and other reliable vendor side can’t see any goods, Intel also has less stocks come out so that the price has risen wave after wave. For H110 there is not much demand recently, so the price has dropped slightly. Currently, the market price is around US$30. The supply of other chipsets H310, H310C, H410, H510 is relatively stable at present, and the price also tends to be stable.

PC CPU: The overall market demand is relatively weak. Whether it is popular CPUs or some old CPUs, the delivery time is relatively stable, and the price is falling all the way. The demand of old CPU as i3-8100, i3-9100, the price also dropped. For i3-6100, recently not see much demand, but can see some stocks in market, but the price is still not low at US$100 around. Celeron series CPU G3900, G5400, G5400T are still the hot spots of low-end series due to the original factory supply is less and it cause the price remains high. The price of G5400 have dropped from US$70 to US$55 around.

Server CPU: In general, the supply of the server market is relatively stable. The mainstream models 4210, 4210R, and 4240, are relatively stable at present, and the prices have dropped slightly and gradually stabilized. Recently also can see more stock of ice lake series items, the demand is not too much. For the item 4108 is still in shortage and can not to see many stocks from market. Several popular models are still out of stock such as D-1527, E2176G, etc. XEON-D series CPUs have always been out of stock because of the original factory shipments are very less. Most the general agent hardly get any goods, so in the customer side the gap is getting more serious, and the price of the goods has doubled several times.

Mobile CPU: The supply of the 11th generation CPU trends to be stable, many source have stocks. For the mobile CPU Tiger Lake series, we can see much more stocks come out, but the demand is very weak, so leads to many excess want to sell from OEM side. However, the supply of some old notebook CPUs is tight, and the original factory does not accept new orders, which in turn causes some IPC customers to keep looking for goods outside, mainly focusing on the 6th, 7th, and 8th generations. For example as I3-6100U, I5-7200U, i5-8250U, i7-8550U these are in long-term demand seen from the customer side. Partners who have goods can give us a quotation. Low-end series notebook CPUs, such as N4000, N4020, N4200, have not seen much demand recently and are relatively quiet.



1. Year 2022 quarter 2 have passed half, overall, the demand of HDD is relatively weak compared with last year, and the price of enterprise HDD raised up a bit due to the raw material shortages. Shipments in the second quarter were significantly behind that in the first quarter, what’s more the server market demand is very weak and relatively quiet.

2. From the perspective of the supply side, the current supply of enterprise HDD tends to be stable, and some large-capacity HDD are available in stock, but 10TB is still relatively tight compared to other capacities. Small-capacity 1TB and 2TB products are slowly arriving, and the original delivery time has eased a little. Customers who have long-term demands can arrange orders.

3. The most shipments of HDD is still concentrated in the large-capacity enterprise level, especially 12TB, 16TB & 18TB. The price has dropped slightly. The shipping price of 16TB is about US$255, and the shipping price of 18TB is about US$285. There are also more shipments of other capacities below 10TB, such as 4TB, 6TB, and 8TB are being shipped one after another. Colleagues in need can discuss in detail.


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