Market Insight Newsletter of Major IC from Quiksol--June 2022

Dear customers and vendors, welcome to the Market Insights-Newsletter from Quiksol that delivers timely and relevant market intelligence report to the electronics supply chain industry. We hope you find this issue of Market Insights valuable, and we welcome your feedback at


In June, there are no big changes compared to the previous months as the overall demand is still weak. Compared with the domestic demand, the overseas demand is relatively strong, hence supporting the whole market of TI spot market.  At present, TI is in a transitional shortage stage, as we see there is lesser demand and more inventory. It is predicted that market might be back to normal in the second half of this year. Conmon materials are not out of stock, so it is back to the time to attract customers by lower price, and only a few non-general or extremely scarce materials are still in shortage.  Automobile materials are still in short supply, such as TPS54260QDGQRQ1, the market price are still in the tens of dollars.



The demand of STM in this month showing a downward trend. STM32F030C8T6, STM32F103VCT6, STM8S003F3P6TR and other MPNs are in sufficient supply, but the demand is weak, our company also has good price can support, if there is actual demand, welcome to contact us. In addition, the shortage part is still concentrated on discrete devices, automotive MCUs, power switches, and a small number of MCU models that have very little allocation. Despite the decline of pricing in the past months, we now see some increase in market price. Delivery time of STM currently is still stretched, the supply is still not stable and the booking price has been increasing instead of falling. It is recommended that customers with production planning needs can wait for the manufacturer for allocation while purchasing spot goods in small quantities.




This month’s Qualcomm demand is still very weak, customers in a wait-and-see state.  Recently there are some network/router IC AR8033+QCA9563+QCA9886 in the market but the price is still high, the end customers can’t afford the PPV hence continue to wait and see.   This month’s hot model AR8031-AL1B spot price is now more than 3500 yuan, with very few quantities available;  QCA837N-AL3B demand also increased this month, but there is no stock support in the market. It is recommended that customers of netcom base station continue to pay attention to AR8031/AR8035/AR8033 series. If you have relevant requirements, please prepare the goods in advance. Shortage part numbers this month are QCA9880-BR4A-R, QCA9882-BR4A-R, QCA837N-AL3B, AR8031-AL1B etc. Quiksol has some stock such as CSR8811A08-ICXR-R, CSR8811A12-ICXR-R and so on, Welcome to communicate



 NXP will increase the price across the whole series to around 15% starting July 1. At present, the gap between automotive and industry is still very prominent. The demand for consumer products is falling. According to the customer's deliveries situation,the customer is much more strict about price acceptance than before. There are currently lesser output of some i.MX series, MK series and S series, and the price of such goods with large gap is still very strong; For example, i.MX 28*, mk60, mk64, s912zvc96*, etc The price of some part LPC series is falling. TJA is relatively stable. In view of the current overall environment and some feedback from customers, there will be some deliveries from NXP in the second half of the year. Compared with Q1 and Q2, the shortage situation will be somewhat relieved. Future stock price might be dropping so it is not advisable to buy in stocks without firm demand or PO from customer.




Affected by the general environment , Broadcom's demand has also weakened and even overseas customers who were able to accept high prices before, is now holding back on their PPV approvals. The most obvious being the PLX series. There are only a few parts which  has demand, which prices are still high . However, some parts’ price dropped from 900+usd to 200+usd in just a week. There are cases where the goods are not picked up. We have to be more cautious about high-priced materials in the near future . For the switch series, the shortage parts is gradually decreasing and the number of parts that can be sold at a high price is also decreasing but the current delivery time has not improved. In the final analysis, most of the orders placed last year began to be delivered in large quantities and the demand has weakened. Many ex-stock suppliers have began to sell their inventory resulting in the false image of excess inventory, but the truth is that the delivery times has not improved. We can still continue to pay attention to some shortage parts. As for the Avago series, some automotive materials are still in demand with their stock price on the high side. Of course, the price is also lower than the previous peak price .



The inquiry for June has increased compared to early May. Most of the customers are still in the wait and see mode as they are not placing the order immediately. There is continuous shortage for automotive chips but it’s getting better compared to Q1 and 2021. However, we can see there is critical shortage for R7F7010323/R7F7010283 etc. Demand for server is going stable with some decline, there is critical shortage for clock chips such as 9DBL0252BKILFT/ISL12020MIRZ which are expected to ease on 2023. Frequent delay for analog chips such as ISL59446IRZ-T7, mainly shortage items focus on series like DG/EL75/ISL317/ISL32/P9148ANRGI8 etc. Market price of ISL8203MIRZ in Q1 was around USD 5.00, however current price has been increased 10 times. The price of shortage items remains high which customer is not willing to pay. Lastly, we have price advantage for series such as ISL83491IBZ-T, UPD720202K8-701-BAA-A, HIP4082IBZT,welcome to contact us, thanks



 Realtek's demand has increased in June. The demand for audio decoding decreased significantly this month, while the demand for Router and Switch, as well as sound and network card chips around computers increased this month. The models out of stock are RTL8211FS-CG,RTL8370MB-CG,RTL8192FR-CG,RTL8812FR-CG,RTL8197FH-VG4-CG.Customer’s demand were mainly on assembling parts this month. In addition, if you are in need of these, RTL8211FS-CG, RTL8304MB-CG, RTL8309M-CG, RTL8363NB-VB-CG,RTL8211EG-VB-CG, QUIKSOL has better spot-buy resources, welcome to exchange.



In June, the overall demand for Microchip is relatively weak. After some available quotations, customers are also slow in making decisions. The order speed and order quantity are generally slower than before.  We learned from the FD that since June, European and American customers have received more goods from the factory, so the out-of-stock situation has been alleviated.  PIC12F1501 PIC16F15313, DSPIC30F6010 and other parts are relatively scarce, mainly used in automotive electronics.  After the Shanghai loackdown has been lifted, there has been some arrival of Microchip’s Ethernet chips and ATMEL MCU but the factory has little demand, so the prices have fallen slightly, such as KSZ9031 USB2514BI and Atmega328P-Au.  Our company has the demand of Microchip for a long time, if you have the advantage channel, welcome to negotiate.




The overall price of ADI has continued to decline recently, with a relatively slow pace. Except for a small number of materials that are particularly in short supply, most customers are watching the market price. While urging customers to pick up the goods quickly, the agent helps customers to pull in. The market price is constantly changing, trying to find out the bottom line of the customer's acceptance price. Recently, the price of AD8606ARMZ and AD8606ARZ have been severely reduced. The AD8606ARMZ went from $30 in March to more than a dozen dollars in May to $8 in June. The AD8606ARZ used to be $20, but now it has dropped to about $5. Compared with the rapid response of the market, customers bought spot goods at super high prices in the early stage. Now, after a large number of goods arrive, many are willing to sell the goods to traders. However, due to the information lag, the target selling price is inevitably high. However, Quiksol believes that in the future, the factory inventory will be high. They will be a very important channel.



Onsemi’s demand in May was lower than that in April, but the overall demand was still hot. At present, the delivery time of Diode, Triode and Transistor is still very long, at least 40 weeks, However, the price has a downward trend recently. The market prices of common used parts such as 2N7002, MMBT3904 and MMBT3906 have dropped slightly, the price of the 1SMB59xx series has dropped significantly. The delivery time of Mosfet is above 50 weeks, it is still the main demand part of Onsemi, especially Fairchild's Mosfet, the market price is still very high. For the logic IC, it also has lot of demand in May, the delivery time is 30-50 weeks and the price increased a little, but the market price of Onsemi is still very high compared with competitive products of other brands. For simulator components, the demand of Power IC is very hot, the delivery time of NCP455xx series is more than 70 weeks, and there are few spot goods in the market with the price still on the high side. The demand for image sensors has increased compared with last month, and the market price is generally more than 10 times.





Overall situation: Infineon has recently changed from a large area of shortage to a small part of shortage, and the most shortage part is still automotive part.

Demand: especially for 200V MOS, there is a big gap recently, so we can only wait for the manufacturer to distribute the goods. Although Infineon market price didn’t drop a lot like other brands, the overall price is still stable.

Supply: Infineon has recently released inventory, which has alleviated some urgent needs but the lead time is still long and the supply side is not optimistic in the long term.




The demand for lattice has increased recently. The price of LCMXO2-640HC-4TG100C has remained high at about 60usd, but the price of some goods released by the factory is relatively advantageous. The price of LC4064V-75TN100C has been rising from about 10USD at the beginning of the year to about 28usd now. It is recommended to prepare the goods in advance.




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