Market Insight Newsletter of Major IC from Quiksol-- May 2022

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The demand of TI is not very strong in May, the market is in downward trend. Customers are enquiring many materials, but not too many real orders. On the other hand, the OEM excess and market inventory is increasing which causes the market price to stablelise. We all know the consumer and driver chips are no longer in shortage now. However, the automotive chips and MCU in TI are still in shortage, such as TPS7A6650QDGNRQ1 - the market price is still  hovering around 100usd.


The demand for STM in April is still in a downward trend, there were some customers searching for some car specifications materials, the acceptance price can also be on the high side. However, the demand for automotive materials in April has decreased but the price is still at a high point resulting in customers unwillingness to purchase. For MCUs with more ex stocks, the price is basically declining steadily. The price of STM32F030K6T6TR is already below $1 and will soon be close to the normal price before this wave of the market. STM32F103VCT6 is also about to fall below $20. At the time of writing, there are customers looking for STM8S003F3P6TR, the target price is less than 0.4 US dollars to take orders, welcome to suppliers with good price to contact me.

STM delivery time is still unable to meet the needs of existing customers, the delivery of new orders is still relatively long. Majority of the parts are still under allocation, it is expected that this action will continue in the second quarter. Our advise is even if there are signs of improvement, customers should continue to be wary of next year's plan.




This month’s Qualcomm demand is still very weak, customers in a wait-and-see state.  The shortage of Bluetooth materials has been greatly alleviated. The prices of the previous network celebrities such as CSR8670, BC57E have dropped significantly. There are some spot goods in the market, and the client has no purchase plan. Netcom material is still in serious shortage, the original factory has no output.  This month hot model AR8031-AL1B spot price has been fried to more than 3500 yuan, and very less stock in the market;  QCA837N-AL3B demand also increased this month, but there is no stock support in the market  .  It is recommended that customers of netcom base station continue to pay attention to AR8031/AR8035/AR8033 series. If you have relevant requirements, please prepare the goods in advance.  Shortage part numbers this month are QCA9880-BR4A-R, QCA9882-BR4A-R, QCA837N-AL3BAR8031-AL1B, AR8035-AL1A,QCA9558-AT4A etc.Quiksol has some stock such as CSR8811A08-ICXR-R ,CSR8811A12-ICXR-R and so on, we welcome you to write in for enquiries.


1. NXP automotive materials, the overall client demand due to the pandemic has decreased significantly, but the actual supply side of the production capacity is limited,the gap in automotive materials is still very large, and the recent S series gap is relatively prominent. The F-series is lesser in demand;

2. MK series is still very shortage, incoming very less, the gap in the second half ofthe year is difficult to alleviate. Many of the orders placed in the second half of last year are pushed back to 2023-24;

3. The traditional MPU/MCU delivery time is still not improved, MPN starting with MCF52, PCF2/PCF8 are affected with most of the delivery time stretched to 78WKS+

4. RFID/NFC chips, such as OM/MFR price is relatively stable.

5. While waiting for Shanghai’s lockdown to be lifted, there will be more demand, then the market will be very hot.

The big opportunity point is still in the automotive and industrial fields, we suggest to pay more attention to it.


Broadcom's demand continue to be weak . Broadcom's have many incoming stock recently.we can get some excess from OEM side, mainly involving some consumer products . Nevertheless, WiFi series are still in shortage , such as BCM43217K and BCM43570E.In Q2 this year, there were many hot materials to be received , such as BCM82381 , BCM56170 , BCM56860 ,  but the prices still high compare to the last year. The two main reasons were that most of the materials were send with charge expedited fees , and the cost of incoming goods was high . Another reason is the delivery period of more than one year , and it seems that the delivery period has no tendency to ease at present . The PXL and LSI series are still very out of stock . Unlike before , maybe some big OEM have chance to get the stock recently, and we can continue to pay attention . There is a lot of uncertainty of the recent market , please to be more cautious for every non PO case .


Demand is dropping compare to last few months, it is obviously after the May 1st holiday, customers are waiting even though they have more demand for R5F523/R5F100/R5F101 which is hot before. However, Renesas’s leadtime still remain at more than one year, the shut down of  Shanghai city has affected international logistics andtransportation, so part of the raw material can not be delivered on time. As a result, it will infect the production capacity, there might be further delays on the schedule. The schedule for Mitsubishi series is not good, most of those items is on allocation, such as M30260/M30280 etc.  On the other hand, part of the stock is coming and price is going down slowly, such as series of HIP4082/ UPD720202/UPD720201.


Realtek's demand has increased in April. The demand for audio decoding has decreased significantly this month, while the demand for Router and Switch, as well as sound and network card chips around computers has increased this month. The models out of stock this month are RTL8211F-CG, RTL8211FI-CG, RTL8192FR-CG, RTL8812FR-CG, RTL8197FH-VG4-CG. Customer's demand were mainly on assembling parts this month.In addition, if you are in need of these, RTL8211FS-CG, RTL8304MB-CG, RTL8309M-CG, RTL8363NB-VB-CG, RTL8211EG-VB-CG, QUIKSOL has better spot-buy resources, welcome to exchange.


Microchip has seen a decrease in demand since May.  But the automotive electronics sector is still strong demand, and hard to find.  ATA663454-GDQW, PIC32MZ2048EFM100-I/PF are in short supply, and the market price is also unusually high.  The supply of Ethernet chips seems to be easing for now, but prices for chips like KSZ9031RNXIC and KSZ9031RNXCA remain high. Microchip has implemented a wide range of price increase between 5% to 40% across the board, with an average increase of 10%  . Lead times are currently up to 50 weeks and any new orders are required to be NCNR with a one-year delivery window.   To sum up, the signs of easing delivery in the first half of the year are not obvious. The demand in May is not optimistic, and then we have to see the demand situation after the release of the lockdown in Shanghai.  Our company has the demand of Microchip for a long time, if you have the advantage of source, please contact us.  thank you.



Recently ADI’s market situation show stable, some of high liquity part have lots of arrival stock, so the price decrease fast. But some of part which struck in shortage still are keeping high price and small quantity. For Linear Tech parts, we can see LTM series DC-DC module product have more demand then before, we can focus on that. Maxim’s production capability and plan have changed due to the acquistion, and some of parts have a crazy long lead time like 80-90 weeks. At the same time, we found the demands of Maxim has been increasing recently, mainly focusing on industrial item such as power management, amplifiers and etc, and shortage part are relatively partial. But now most of Maxim’s general parts are in sufficient stock, and the prices are still relatively stable, seems that this types of part don’t have too much market opportunities. We can pay attention to Maxim in next step.


Onsemi’s demand is still very hot on April. At present, the delivery time of Low voltage MOSFET is 47-52 weeks, High voltage MOSFET is 36-52 weeks, Logic devices is 30-52 weeks, and the Diode, Triode and Transistor is 30-52 weeks, market prices continue to rise. Especially for IGBT products, recently, insiders revealed that the original IGBT orders are full and no longer receive orders, and because the demand for new energy vehicles has increased significantly, there is a serious shortage of automotive grade IGBT, and the market price has increased by 22% since the fourth quarter of last year. For simulator components, the delivery time of Switching regulator is 35-50 weeks, In particular, the price of power switch products has increased significantly, and the market price is generally more than ten times. CMOS sensor also still very shortage whether it's automotive CMOS products or industrial control and security products, the delivery is above 52weeks, and the spot price is very high, the shortage of Onsemi will not be alleviated in the short term. It is recommended to prepare the goods in advance.




Recently, Infineon demand is still high, mostly concentrated in Mosfet and automotive materials, IGBT material inquiry has increased recently.The current delivery period is 42-52 weeks for low-voltage MOS, 36-52 weeks for high-voltage MOS, 39-50 weeks for IGBT materials and 45-52 weeks for auto-related materials.Automotive grade material is still out of stock serious, individual MCU market price is up dozens of times.IRF, IKW, TLE, BTS series of materials inquiry is still more, the price has also increased significantly.For example, the recent price of IRF7351TRPBF material has increased by more than 10 times compared with the order price.Due to the price increase of the original factory, the delivery date is still not optimistic. If there is demand, it is suggested to prepare the goods in advance.




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